The XAR Network

The XAR Network is a global operating platform with a cutting edge protocol layer that provides the foundation for a new generation of deterministic systems that everyone can trust. Designed specifically to comply with global monetary policies and compliance regulations, it acts as a transparent bridge between deterministic applications and existing monetary systems..

Currency for countries and continents

By partnering with Commercial Banks in Africa, Middle East and Asia, we provide Central Banks, Economic Trade Regions, and Private Financials Markets a new framework for debt issuance, trade, and commerce to meet emerging demands and innovate existing platforms.

The tools to build tomorrow

The evolution of capital markets depends on finding simpler and better solutions to systemic risks stemming from Floating Exchange Rate systems, Counterparty Risk in Exchanges, and Credit Defaults in Leveraged trades, to name just a few. We collaborate with market leaders to develop and deploy tools that address these challenges in fundamentally new ways using deterministic computing and immutable applications.